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Smart Alarm Systems

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Whether you're a Small Business or Enterprise sized business we can customize a solution to meet your needs. From a basic system that's upgrade-able or a system that's integrated with Access Control, Video, Automation or Fire Alarm we can handle it. The Alarm Systems we install can be remotely controlled with any smart device or computer via the internet with our Virtual Keypad App. Our Alarms are smarter, easier to operate,and more efficient, saving you time and money.

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Video Surveillance

Keep an eye on your business with HD or IP Security Cameras. You can view live video from multiple cameras, recorded video, and even receive event clips via text or email notification allowing you to reduce shrinkage and increase employee safety. Use any Smart Phone, Tablet or computer from anywhere. Infrared cameras allow you to see what's going on day or night. Networkable DVR's and NVR's can be securely accessed through or parallel to your network. Our Video Surveillance options are only limited by your imagination!

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Access Control

Physical Access Control is a means of controlling who you want to allow to go into certain rooms, buildings, campuses, or areas and when. Any place that has assets, information, data, sensitive files, products or even dangerous areas are examples of where to use Access Control. Good Access Control will use an electronic log to keep track of who comes and goes and when. It identifies and authorizes people with the right credentials such as passwords, pin numbers, cards, keyfobs, fingerprints or other biometric scans to have access to certain areas. Femac Security Solutions can design, install and manage a customized solution for you from one room to many, and even multiple locations operating on one platform. It can also be integrated with your security system to save time and money!

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Like our Home Automation Solutions our Business Automation Solutions are designed and implemented to save you time and money, make your operations more efficient, control the environment, ensure safety, and more. Imagine NOT having to return to the office if you or an employee forgot to lock the door, adjust the thermostat or turn off the lights. Just program a schedule and it can be automatically done. You can monitor water levels and refrigeration temps. You can even give trusted contractors quick access without having to give them a key and watch them while they're there! What's really great about our Security Systems is that we have Automation, Access Control, and Video Surveillance and even Fire that can work off of one platform with one App for all your Smart devices!

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Fire Protection

Whether your a small retail store owner with one or two employees or a large institution or manufacturer with lots of equipment and supplies it's important to protect your employees, customers and assets from fire and smoke. A quick response from firefighters and safety personnel is a must! We can provide a small integrated Fire and Security System or a full blown stand alone Fire Alarm System. Today's systems can be combined to save money on monitoring costs and we even offer NFPA Compliant Wireless cellular transmission systems that can eliminate costly phone lines! We also test and inspect systems.

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