Thursday, Jan 12, 2017 | Tracy Hendrix

Benefits of HD Surveillance Cameras for Your Business

Surveillance cameras are an essential security investment for your business, and when the value of that investment is defined by the clarity of the recording, HD capability matters. If you’ve been shopping around for specifics, you’ve probably found two different types of security cameras: standard definition and high definition (HD). Standard definition is cheaper, and you might be thinking “I’m getting a camera either way, so why pay more?” Well, it turns out, investing in HD can both add value to your investment and help better identify threats to your business’s security.

The whole purpose of your security system is to stockpile surveillance footage that you can go back to and check if the need arrives. So, you definitely want that stockpile to be the best quality footage you can muster. Of course, this is where the difference of HD can be spied. Have you ever watched a really old video on the internet that was posted several years ago? Chances are, it was grainy and blurry. You might have had a hard time making out what was going on in the video. That’s standard definition. It was great technology when it was new, but at this point, it’s obsolete.

Today, HD technology is not only affordable, but the norm in the video surveillance industry. Sure, the installation of a standard definition security camera system might deter criminals from committing crimes at all, but a security investment is only as strong as it is reliable when criminality is a reality. When a crime occurs, if your cameras are only standard definition, the video quality isn’t going to help you read a license plate or accurately identify a culprit’s face. Essential details are going to be lost in translation and factored out of the resulting criminal investigation. If your goal is to catch a criminal, or identify an instance of employee misconduct, it’s all but impossible to do that when they’re little more than a blur of pixels on your standard definition recording.

High Definition cameras don’t output the inherently unclear and “fuzzy” video that standard definition cameras do. The quality can be used as an asset to your investigations or a police department’s investigation. An output from a high definition camera will help you piece together the details of a crime in greater detail and confidence. Your footage will be more helpful to authorities if they ever need it, and you’ll just be able to see more clearly what’s going on in and around your property or business.

If you’re putting in a security system, go above and beyond and install HD cameras. If you currently have a system with standard definition technology, consider upgrading. You’ll thank yourself down the line.

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