Thursday, Jan 5, 2017 | Tracy Hendrix

When to Replace Your Security System

You don’t have the options you need.

Many years ago, alarm systems were pretty standard, and there wasn’t a lot of variation from one to another. Those days are long gone. Today, alarm systems sport more features than the ones rolled out years ago. Now you can monitor your property when you aren’t on site with smartphone apps that live-stream directly from your on-site cameras. You can also have your system automate the lights inside your business before you arrive, which is really helpful for when you’re coming in for an early morning, or when you want to make it seem as if someone is on site when they really aren’t. Other features like remote entry are available as well depending on the system you choose. If you’ve been wistfully eyeing these options for a while but your current system is too old to provide them, it might be a sign that you should upgrade.

Your system software is outdated.

Has it been awhile since you downloaded the newest software, or has your system reached a point where software updates don’t even come for it anymore? That’s always a sign that your current tech is at the end of its life. Related to this, if you’re still relying on older technology like landline wires or single keypads, you’re using a system that lots of intruders have already figured out how to bypass. Keep one step ahead of the crooks by upgrading to the newest model.

Your cameras aren’t doing the job.

Chances are, if you bought your system several years ago, you’re still working with standard definition video. While low-quality video is far better than no video at all, it would be beyond frustrating if your business was burgled or vandalized and you couldn’t make out any details on the security tapes. HD cameras are now largely considered an industry standard, and you’ll thank yourself for updating.

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