Thursday, Feb 2, 2017 | Tracy Hendrix

Keeping Your Business Safe After Hours

Even the most diligent workers have to go home sometime, and none of us can be in two places at once. Your business is far more likely to be broken into when you’re not around versus when you’re on site. When you lock up and go home for the day, how can you be sure that your property is secure?There are a few steps you can take to ensure just that.

Protect Your Personal Info

How many times have we all casually tossed out garbage that contains sensitive information? Names, birth-dates, credit card numbers, and addresses are just a few of the things that identity thieves are looking for during a break-in. And criminals can find them easily on letters and other paper trash. You should shred anything and everything that contains personal information. Make sure that all of your employees are in the loop about this procedure too- it just takes one slip-up to accidentally let sensitive information fall into the wrong hands.

Get to Know Your Business Neighbors

Talking to the other business owners in your area is more than just polite– it’s good practice towards keeping your property secure. If you’re on good terms with your neighbors, they can help you keep an eye on things when you aren’t around (and vice versa). For example, if you don’t come in to work until later in the afternoon but stay late, and your neighbor is a breakfast-and-lunch-only restaurant, chances are he’ll catch sight of any suspicious early morning activity. Of course, you can keep a check on things for him after dark. And if one of you is ever out of town, you’ve got someone there who can stop by and look after things if needed.

Make Sure Your Security System is Up to Date

Many business owners are using outdated security systems because they don’t realize that better options are available. If you’re still bound to the system you purchased decades ago, it’s time to upgrade. Not only are there new accessories for your system that allow you to monitor your property better than ever before (like security cameras that live-stream footage), but even the basic technology has been improved as well. For example, some systems now rely on backup power sources so they don’t go down if the electricity is cut. Talk with your local security professional today, and schedule a time for them to come by and assess your system. Chances are, they’ll have some great suggestions for how to keep your business safer.

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