Monday, May 29, 2017 | Tracy Hendrix

Preventing Vandalism at your Business

Whether you own a small shop or a large company, you’re probably concerned about the possibility of vandalism on your property. Vandals cause all sorts of problems, as their work devalues property, requires costly repairs, and robs you of your peace of mind. How can you keep your business safe? We’ve gathered our top three tips for preventing vandalism, so read on to find out.

Install a Security System

A good security system protects both the inside and outside of your business. Your main system will work to notify the police in case of a break-in, but you can also put in several security cameras to monitor the outside of your property as well. This will deter most vandals, who are usually just looking to cause trouble out of boredom. However, in case vandalism does occur, your cameras can help you to catch the persons responsible and keep it from happening again. In order to get the best results, you should advertise your system and cameras all around the property. Make sure a sign or sticker with your alarm company logo is clearly visible, and place your cameras out in the open where they are easy to see.

Use Appropriate Lighting

Most vandalism occurs at night when the owner of the property is not around. Vandals look for easy targets, and one of the easiest targets of all is a dark area, since it’s unlikely that people passing by will see what’s going on. Place bright floodlights in any dark spots like alleys or back doors. You may want to consider lights that have a backup power source like a battery in case power to your business is cut or in the event of a city-wide power outage. By making it hard for vandals to sneak under the cover of darkness, you’ll be well on your way to keeping your property damage-free.

Replace Breakable Materials

Do you have old wooden doors that could easily be kicked in and broken? What about thin glass windows? If there is a weak spot on your property, that’s the spot that vandals will target. It’s an investment up front, but replacing materials that could easy to break will save you money by keeping vandals at bay. To further protect your new installations, consider additional measures like security gates or window bars. Every extra step you take will help discourage vandals more and more, and if you make it hard for them to do their work, they’ll decide your property isn’t worth the trouble and leave it be.

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