Friday, May 12, 2017 | Tracy Hendrix

3 Safety Tips Small Businesses Owners Need to Know

Owning a small business is truly a full-time job. Between supervising your staff members, keeping your clients happy, and making sure all your invoices get paid, it’s difficult to even leave the shop. And what happens once you do leave? Leaving your business overnight serves up a whole new set of problems! A study by the Ponemon Institute found that 70% of business owners express concern about the security of their companies. Clearly, you aren’t alone in your worry about protecting your small business. With a few simple business security tips to help, you can begin to relax:

Protect Your Important Documents

Disaster can happen at any time, so advance preparation is key. Keep all important documents – things like employee files, your lease or deed, insurance files, and tax documents safely stored away. Safes offer convenient storage, and there are models available that can offer protection from fire and water damage. You may even opt for a portable safe that you can take home with you every night.

Arm Yourself with Alarms

As the old adage goes: it is better to be safe than sorry. Leaving for the night is a lot easier if you know an alarm is waiting to alert the police in the event of a break in. Today’s alarms can do much more than just signal a break in though. You can turn your office lights on and off from you smartphone and even watch a livestream of your business. Many commercial codes regulate smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) protection as well.

Be Vigilant in Surveillance

Surveillance cameras are a popular and cost-effective way to help prevent crime at work. You can even install security cameras with infrared built in that will allow you to see in complete darkness from 20 to 100 feet away. With an App on your phone you can receive alerts from specific cameras via text and to save money you can combine an alarm system with video cameras on one system App that cuts down on time and monthly costs.

These are just a few simple safety measures you can take to protect your business. Are you a small business owner? Femac Security Solutions can help you! We use the latest technologies and are partnered with the leaders in the security industry in every product line we offer. And an added bonus, our alarm products are manufactured right here in the USA! Get started making your small business safer today.

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