Thursday, May 18, 2017 | Tracy Hendrix

How To Determine Your Small Business’ Security Needs

Your property’s integrity is not something to be taken lightly. Often, the physical presence of employees is not enough to stop a crime or catch the culprit afterwards. However, the mere existence of a security camera provides safety. An alarm system or access control system will help your small business in many ways. To decide if one is right for your company, consider the following:

Crime reduction and prevention

Are you suffering though too much petty crime at your location? Shoplifting, vandalism, and employee theft all but disappear with an on-site security presence. Once they see a camera, they’ll stop.

Keeping your staff safe

Security alarms make their presence known, keeping everyone safer by stopping the crime before it happens. By investing just a small amount in your employees’ safety, you let them know their boss cares about their well being. A security system is a simple, yet impactful way to boost morale and dedication to the company.

Less stress for you as the owner

When you know the security cameras and other safety features are on, you can focus more on running your company and less on watching the doors. Let Femac’s security systems do the stressful part for you, so you can get back to doing what you love- managing your small business.

If you’ve decided your company could greatly benefit from the presence of a security system, take a look around your office, store, or warehouse and take note of the following:

Entry points – Entry points includes all doors, windows, sliding doors, screens, garage doors, basement doors and windows. These entry points are places where burglars can enter your business’s building easily.

Prime locations for motion sensors – Most break-ins occur at night, so a few strategically-placed motion sensors will shine a bright light of potential thieves and deter their plans. Often, the entry points are the best places for these.

Sensible access control spots – You and your staff members will need to enter and exit the premises easily throughout a work shift, so decide on a few of these entry points that will have control panels and keypads.

If you are worried about choosing which entry points to focus on, or not sure how much security your business truly needs, you are not alone. These important questions are why so many business owners in the southwest Georgia area have come to Femac Security Solutions for help. You know everything about your company, and we know everything about keeping you, your building, and your inventory safe. Contact us today for an initial consultation at 912-852-2552 or email us

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