Tuesday, Apr 18, 2017 | Tracy Hendrix

3 Security Tips to Keep your Property Safe This Winter

Did you know that burglary rates actually climb this time of year? While it doesn’t snow in this part of Georgia, it does stay darker longer, giving potential burglars more hours of the night to attempt a crime. Here’s what you need to do to protect your commercial property:

#1 Lock Doors and Windows

It is amazing how many business owners are careless with this basic security measure. Always lock doors and all windows, including above-ground windows. While you may not walk out the front door without locking it, what about the rear door? Or the windows? Or the loading dock? All of these places are entrances for potential thieves.

#2 Make Sure Your Security System is Up to Date

If you’re still using the system you purchased years ago, it’s time to upgrade. Many business owners are using outdated security systems because they don’t realize that better options are available. There are new accessories for your system that allow you to monitor your property better than ever before, like Z Wave which allows devices to “talk” to each other and carry out specific functions like adjusting thermostats, turning lights on and off, locking and unlocking doors, and more. Reach out and speak with your local security professional today, and schedule a time for them to come by and assess your system. Chances are, they’ll have some great suggestions for how to keep your business safer.

#3 Light up the Exterior

One of the most important things you can do to keep your business safe this time of year is to make sure that you have working exterior lights. Thieves don’t want to be seen, so putting up floodlights or other large light sources will make your office, retail store, or warehouse less likely to become a break-in target in the middle of the night. If you don’t want bright lights shining all night long, consider getting motion-activated lights that only come on when something moves past a sensor.

Under cover of added darkness, burglars use the opportunity to break in before business owners return in the morning, when the company is closed for holidays, or when employees are on vacation to warmer climates. Femac Security Solutions can help you stop this before it happens! We use the latest technologies and are partnered with the leaders in the security industry in every product line we offer. And an added bonus, our alarm products are manufactured right here in America, so you know they’re the best quality. Get started making your small business safer today by reaching out to Femac.

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