Saturday, Apr 22, 2017 | Tracy Hendrix

You Need More Than a Lock and Key to Keep Your Business Safe

When you want to keep something safe, what do you do?

Did you say “lock it up”?

While that’s a pretty good answer, a traditional lock and key are not the only products a commercial business can or even should use. There are many downsides of this type of security, and limitations on how it can be used.

Multiple Doors Requires Multiple Keys

Every door requires it’s own key. One for the main door, back door, loading dock, your office, filing cabinets, supply closets, product rooms, not to mention what you need for your home and car…it starts to add up quickly. You’re a business owner, not a janitor. You don’t want to walk around with a key ring filled with way too many keys, jingling everywhere you walk. This can be confusing, annoying, and frustrating.

More Chances for Criminal Access

If you do have all of these keys, you would need to label them so you know which key goes where. So, what happens if you lose one? It’s also possible you need to lend these keys out, to a maintenance or cleaning person. Would you remember which key was missing and ask for it back? In both cases, you just gave a stranger a copy of your key with the words “back door” right on it! Don’t make a break-in easy for the potential thief.

Can’t Track Who Came in or out

Sadly, not all break-ins are committed by strangers. A significant number of commercial theft is actually done by employees. If you notice a large amount of product is missing or the cash register is light, anyone with a key to these areas is suspect. However, if you have a more modern method of gaining entrance to your public and private assets, you know exactly who entered and when.

The solutions to these problems are all the same. Femac Security Solutions can help set you up with an access control system, the perfect solution beyond just a lock and key. Access Control is usually operated by means of door hardware controlled by a card reader, key card, or keyfob. It is a much better way of controlling “who goes where and when” and providing an audit trail for it. Today, this type of system is easily integrated with other verification systems such as Intrusion or Video or both. We can provide a non-proprietary version of either type of system with access control built into one platform to cut down on equipment and operational costs. Badge printers, visitor management, and human resources tools can also be added. Contact us today and we’ll tell you more!

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