Wednesday, Feb 22, 2017 | Tracy Hendrix

6 Signs it’s Time for a Security System Upgrade

You buy a new phone every few years when great new features are released, you make sure your television gets better and clearer, you even opt for the higher trim package in your car so you utilize the best technology while you drive. So why are you using an out-of-date security system to keep your business safe? Just like the other tech in your life, the capabilities and features of your commercial alarm system or video surveillance have been changing too.

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Security System When:

  • #1 It has been some time since you’ve upgraded your security hardware or software, especially if it’s been several years.

  • #2 Your system has a 2G wireless communicator.

  • #3 Your business operations have undergone recent changes and you need to keep them more secure.

  • #4 Wired sensors are used on your doors and windows.

  • #5 Remote access has not been incorporated yet.

  • #6 Cameras and DVRs are low-resolution and have limited storage space.

This last one is especially important. If you’re still using antiquated technology in your video surveillance, it’s time to move on! Changing technology is persuading many companies to make the move to Hi-Def cameras. Low-Definition analog camera systems and DVRs are beginning to reach their end of life, and clinging on will only make your system obsolete. High-Def systems are now available with 1080p cameras and DVRs that can plug into your existing cable infrastructure saving you 25-40 percent on labor! This advance in technology has caused systems with even higher definition networked IP cameras and NVRs to reduce prices so that either choice is now more cost effective. The both use advanced hard drives designed for professional use that are more reliable and have new features that have advanced to make backup to the cloud and auxiliary devices less expensive too.

Femac Security Solutions can help you with the switch to Hi-Def. Every 15 minutes a burglary occurs in the United States. Don’t take the risk of it happening to you without protecting yourself! Contact Femac today.

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