Sunday, Feb 19, 2017 | Tracy Hendrix

4 things your Security System can do Other Than to Just Deter Burglars

Technology is making leaps and bounds in the alarm system industry. Everyone knows a top-of-the-line security system can stop home break-ins but that is only the beginning. It can also prevent house fires, record what goes on during the day when you aren’t home, help monitor children or animals, and save you money! That’s just the beginning. If your alarm system is only monitoring for a thief, you’re missing out on all of this:

#1 Fire Detection

Not all fires are cooking-related. A fire can happen any time around your home, even when you aren’t there. If this should occur, crucial time could be lost until a neighbor or someone else notices and calls 911. Sadly, sometimes unoccupied dwellings are completely lost before a fire crew arrives. This won’t happen to your home and the precious memories inside if you have an alarm system that can detect fires and call the authorities on its own.

#2 Child and Pet Monitoring

Many older children and teens need to walk to the bus stop after parents leave for work or let themselves in after school before anyone else arrives. If your kids are on their own a few hours a day while you’re at work, you can install a new security system that alerts you when the front door is unlocked. You can also monitor them via video surveillance to make sure they’re safe. You can also keep an eye on sneaky little Fido!

#3 Save your Money

Simply putting a Z-Wave thermostat that’s tied into your security system will allow you to set schedules and adjust the temperature remotely with your Phone App. Cool it down or heat it up before you get home and save some dough in the process!

#4 Real-Time Recording

What good is protecting your home if you don’t have any proof a crime occurred? If you have a cleaning person, a nanny, construction crew, or lawn care professionals at your home while you’re away, you have every right to know what they’re doing while in your house. Today’s best alarm systems can record your house’s interior or exterior while you’re out and allow you to watch it from your phone or computer somewhere else.

Femac Security Solutions can help you find the perfect security system for you and your family. Whatever your specific needs are, there’s an alarm system that can handle it. Contact us today to speak with an expert and get started towards a safer home.

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