Wednesday, Feb 15, 2017 | Tracy Hendrix

Automating Aspects of your Business - 4 Things to do in 2017

With the new year comes the perfect time to evaluate your business’s processes and aim to streamline them. Whatever your industry, there’s a good chance there is burgeoning technology that can help you do things faster, simpler, or with less effort. As the business owner, your time is valuable. Spending less time doing the non-essential tasks frees you up to do what matters, making your customers happy and making even more profit. Let 2017 be the year you try any of the following.

#1 Improve Organization

Great organization tools that distribute information seamlessly and automatically now exist. For example, you can automatically create a quote for a new construction project and then invoice it from the same system, so all of the information regarding this potential project is in the same place. You don’t need to go looking for it across multiple systems when the quote is accepted; you’re ready to get to work. This keeps your data current and prevents your team from spending a lot of time looking for it. Find one that works for your company and create an organizational system that’s best for you.

#2: Centralize Communication

When information is scattered across multiple systems or isn’t up to date, it’s difficult to find the correct information you need in a timely manner. When a client calls and needs information about their project, they may feel they’re experiencing poor customer service if they have to wait a long time on the phone for the answer or if that answer is not correct. When a client calls, whoever answers the phone will be able to help them and answer their questions quickly if your information is in one centralized place.

#3 Increase Accountability

If your company has different systems in place for different departments, it can be difficult to know exactly what is happening at every moment. Digital automation and using a centralized communication system reduces human errors by providing a digital paper trail for your entire operation in one place. It provides increased accountability for everybody’s actions across different systems, so issues like a missing invoice aren’t a problem.

#4 Make Security Easier with Z-Wave

By definition, Z-wave is a wireless communication standard used to tie in existing elements on a network into a single, unified system. Similar to wi-fi and other wireless communication you’re probably already familiar with, this technology allows devices to “talk” to each other and carry out specific functions like adjusting thermostats, turning lights on and off, lock and unlocking doors, and more. All of your Z-wave devices work through a “hub” or main “controller,” like a smartphone or tablet. It is also common for the “hub” to be the security system control panel already in place on your wall. This is good news for many business owners, who don’t have the time or desire to learn complicated new technology.

Your home and your business can be tied into a single security system unit which can be controlled from your mobile phone with an app specifically designed to centrally control both systems for a more streamlined and straightforward experience. With Z-Wave integration, your business can kill three birds with one stone by improving organization, centralizing communication, AND increasing the accountability of your existing security system!

Make 2017 the year you let Femac Security Solutions help your business automate your systems. If you have more questions about Z-wave, or what it would take to integrated your business, contact Femac Security Solutions today. We use the latest technologies and are partnered with leaders in the industry in every product line we offer, so we can guarantee your satisfaction with your new security system.

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