Tuesday, Mar 21, 2017 | Tracy Hendrix

Securing an Office - 3 Tips for Keeping Your Workspace Safe

How safe is your office? If you’re like most small business owners or office managers, you may not give it much thought. Your day-to-day tasks can be so time consuming that it’s difficult to remember how many sets of keys you have handed out to past employees or what your wi-fi password is. This is a mistake! Don’t take the physical or online safety of your office lightly. Take a few minutes to consider the following:

#1 Improve Your File Management System

If you have been a victim of missing documents and files at work, then you know that that loss can cost you. For better file accountability, it’s time to update your file management system. An efficient way of having an organized file system, available to all of your employees, is to store all relevant documents in one big, easily accessible folder on your PC and share it through the cloud.

#2 Change your locks regularly or Upgrade to an Access Control System

How many employees have a key or access badge? Have all past employees returned theirs when they left? What about cleaning crews, lawn maintenance workers, and other outside help? If you don’t know exactly who has a key, change your locks or better yet upgrade to an Access Control System that can give you an audit trail and work with Video Surveillance, and NEVER have to worry about keys again!

#3 Secure Your Wi-fi Network

Leaving your wi-fi insecure can spell disaster. Not only will increased network security keep intruders out and ensure you actually get to enjoy your internet at the speed you’re paying for, it will keep your network safe from hackers. Protecting your wi-fi doesn’t take long and it’s certainly worth it.

Your office could be more secure, but it’s up to you to make it that way. If you’re concerned about the physical or online safety of your business, and you should be, you need to contact Femac Security Solutions today. We can help!

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