Saturday, Mar 25, 2017 | Tracy Hendrix

Why Home Automation Should be a Security Priority

When making a list of the essential security needs of your home, automation is almost never towards the top. Video is often number one or number two – it isn’t hard to grasp the necessity of video recording. And alarm is never far behind in this necessity. Both of these things are black and white and simple to understand – the same cannot be said of Home Automation. It isn’t initially clear how automation can help keep you and your family safe. We can help you through some of the more concrete reasons why you need automation in your home security setup and set you along the path to securing an automation solution for yourself.

Doors can be monitored and controlled remotely

When integrated with an alarm system, automation can help monitor your home’s entrances while inside and far-away. Like most automation services, your door access is controlled with your smart-phone and is available to you wherever it is you go. Lock and unlock capabilities are included in the control app and can be used while away. With that sort of functionality, you can help your guests into and out of your home with ease.

Lighting control for better burglar deterrent

While the energy savings are no doubt a benefit of investing in lighting automation, it can also be a boon to your home’s physical security. Through use of your automation system, you can light up different parts of your home or property depending on which requires more illumination. As was the door control, lighting control can also be used while remote. So you’ll have no problem making sure all the lights are on where they are needed.

Save money – Invest in more Security

While not particularly important to home security, saving money on the electricity bill can ensure that the money saved is put somewhere more beneficial to your family’s security. Automation helps quell energy costs by introducing a programmable thermostat. This programmability allows for auto-adjustments to your home’s temperature whether you are there or not. With the money left over from the savings these thermostats allow, you can build on your home’s existing security network and move towards a more complete home security system.

These reasons definitely aren’t the only reasons automation is a good idea at your home, but they are among the chief reasons why automation can keep you and your family safe. We’ll be glad to let you know just how much automation can impact your personal home security if you give us a call – we’re here as your guide in both the home and business security markets.

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