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Security for your Storage Building

From furniture sets to large family heirlooms, your storage building holds those items that you just aren’t quite ready to give up. Since they aren’t in your house, you may not think about these items when you’re thinking about your home security; however, for that same exact reason, the contents of your storage building are more susceptible to theft and tampering than anything inside of your home. It is important that you create a strong security system for your storage building to protect it from burglars and vandals.

Select a Strong Lock

The easiest and most basic way to secure your storage building is to place a lock on its doors. You’ll want to make sure that the lock is large and sturdy enough to resist tampering or breaking. Some homeowners choose to use locks with keys that they keep in a safe location, while others use a padlock with a unique code. There are advantages to both systems, and both will work well to keep your belongings safe. If your lock opens with a key, keep that key hidden far away from the building– inside of your home works best. For padlocks, don’t use a code that can be easily guessed,such as repetitive numbers or a well-known number sequence such as an address or a birthday.

Install Floodlights

Burglars often seek the path of least resistance– the more you can do to make your property a difficult target, the safer you’ll be. A lock is a strong initial security measure, but even the best locks can be broken with enough time and effort. To further discourage robbers, consider installing motion-sensitive floodlights around your storage building. These lights will flash a large spotlight if anyone moves into the area, and no burglar wants to pick a lock in plain view of the homeowners. Choosing motion-sensitive lights over those that remain on constantly will provide you with a lower electric bill while keeping the security benefits.

Consider an Alarm System

If the contents of your storage building are particularly valuable, you will want to protect them as much as absolutely possible. The best way to ensure that your property will be safe from criminals is to install an alarm system. A complex system is not necessary for a storage building; a basic setup, with door sensors that trigger when the door is opened, will be perfect for your needs. Be sure to secure all possible entry points of the building, and ask your installer about multiple sensors for doors and windows if needed.

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