Tuesday, Jun 13, 2017 | Tracy Hendrix

Video Surveillance - Why Businesses Need It

Many small business owners choose to forego a video surveillance system, as they feel that the benefits they will receive from it may not justify the initial startup costs. This is unfortunate, because by installing a surveillance system on their property, business owners can provide themselves with peace of mind as well as incurring other benefits that they may not even have considered. These are our top three reasons why your business needs its own video surveillance

Prevent theft

Shoplifters are much less likely to strike your business if they believe there is a reasonable chance that they will be caught. You cannot keep an eye on every customer in your store at all times (nor would you want to do so), but your surveillance system can. Placing cameras in each corner of your store so that they have a wide view of the entire area ensures that every move will be captured on video. If a shoplifting event occurs, thanks to your cameras you will have more evidence than simply your own words, and you have a greater chance of winning your case. Even if the cameras themselves are not in plain sight, simply posting a sign warning of ongoing video surveillance is often enough to discourage many forms of petty theft.

Discourage vandalism

After you leave for the day, there is no one at your business to watch for vandals who may deface your property. From graffiti to break ins, many forms of vandalism occur after hours when the owner of the affected business is no longer around. A video surveillance system will protect the outside of your business as much as the inside; vandalism is often a crime of opportunity, and with cameras present, it is highly unlikely that your property will be chosen for an attack.

Raise property value

You love your business, and you have no intentions of selling it. You never know what the future may hold, though, and you may be presented with greater opportunities somewhere down the line. If you ever choose to place your property on the market, an installed and working video surveillance system will add value. Commercial buyers are looking for properties that require the least amount of costly renovations, and they will prefer one that already has the features they want. Since your surveillance system makes your property a safer investment, you can likely receive a greater price for it than you could otherwise.

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